Neuro Linguistic Programming


This is an incredibly practical, 'how to' technology which provides me with a framework and the tools to make a difference to individuals and organisations. 

It can be thought of as an 'owners manual' for the mind, which is very useful when I want to empower myself and the people around me. 

NLP came into being as the result of a mathematician and linguist studying the process by which therapists achieved excellent results with their clients. They hypothesized that if one person could achieve these results , lets find out how they do it so we can replicate it. Thirty years on, NLP has grown into a huge discipline, used the world over, to enhance people's lives and the bottom line of many businesses. 

Emotional Intelligence is gaining recognition as a must have skill set for leaders. It is 'the ability to identify, assess and manage the emotions of one's self, of others and of groups.' It seems to me that these abilities are the foundations gained from training in NLP. 


Using NLP

There are a huge amount of models and processes within NLP that can be applied to organisational change , coaching, leading and improving performance in any context. NLP has provided me with a way of thinking - how almost anything is possible and how change (in any human or organisational system), can be quick, easy and fun. I have certainly found this approach positive and life enhancing.


Energetic NLP

Energetic NLP is a synthesis of the philosophy and techniques of NLP and a way of working with the energetic system of the human body. It is a transformative process that taps into the core of who we are - a combination of body, conscious and unconscious mind, spirit and soul.

As a result of learning ENLP, you will be able to:

  • Have more vitality for day to day living
  • Protect yourself from emotional and stressful situations
  • Improve your physical health and make major improvements in chronic conditions
  • Release energy you have trapped in old emotions, limiting beliefs and programming
  • Feel greater confidence in what you do and in being yourself
  • Let go of worrying and feel happier in all aspects of your life
  • Open up to your intuition
  • Feel a stronger connection with your spiritual self and have greater access to your wisdom
  • Do transformative and healing work with others
  • Be in charge of your own health

How I use Energetic NLP

I use the practices of ENLP daily, to become grounded and as a way of being fully present when I'm  working.

Invariably I will pick up the energy of people I work with. It used to be that they would leave feeling great, whilst I'd be exhausted. So I now use the processes to protect myself and clear their energy from my space. 

In some coaching situations its appropriate for me to train the client in a particular process so they can use it for themselves. 

This is an area on ongoing development for me. I have regular sessions with other trainees, go on courses and join on-line workshops with Art Guiser, the creator of Energetic NLP.

Take a look at Art's website for ENLP processes you can  download free -