The Language and Behaviour Profile

The LAB Profile identifies the structure of how individuals get motivated, process information and make decisions. Its a quick and effective means of predicting a person's behaviour. 

This makes it an invaluable tool for getting to the bottom of organisational issues, creating your desired culture, recruiting the right person for a job and providing the ideal conditions for them to perform. 

Information is gained through a conversation by paying attention to how people talk, rather than what they talk about. It's a subtle tool, allowing us to distinguish a persons motivation in the many  different contexts we operate in. What you want and how you behave at work could be very different from other parts of your life. You don't get 'put into a box' with the LAB Profile, but instead get very clear on where you can most effectively direct your energy. 

When I'm profiling someone, I see it as an opportunity for coaching as the process itself is thought-provoking and developmental. 

Situations in which the LAB Profile adds value

  • Understanding differences and recognising strengths within teams, so people know what to do to be more effective in their role
  • Establishing a deep level of rapport and speaking a persons language
  • Increasing a persons self knowledge
  • Identifying the profile required for a specific role and recruiting the person who fits that profile
  • Implementing organisational change
  • Increasing the power and effectiveness of 1:1 coaching
  • Creating high performing teams by playing to peoples strengths
  • Improving results in negotiation 
  • Designing powerful marketing and advertising campaigns


The LAB Profile Consultant Trainer Certification Programme 

Shelle Rose Charvet's  2007 training was in Italy - a good location for combining work and play.

My working group was, from the left:

  • Nancy Klepper - USA
  • Isidor Riedl - Austria (Group Coach)
  • Monique Stock - South Africa
  • Ali Bramall - UK
  • Marie Hayet - UK
  • Andreas Dorn - Kuala Lumpur


Learn the LAB Profile

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