Integration coaching for business,career and health

Coaching is fast becoming the 'must have' resource for people who want to excel in their careers. The process enables you to focus on and achieve goals as well as overcoming the physical and mental barriers that have been holding us back. It's also about reaching for our dreams, realising our potential and getting what we want from life, work and our health. 

I coach managers, directors and team leaders on their business issues and their leadership skills. I also work with people to help them find the most appropriate career for their passions and skills, and people who's health and fitness isn't want they want it to be. Just like cooking a great meal, I'll use ingredients from NLP, Energetic NLP along with models and processes drawn from the 'experts' in organisational and leadership  development. Coaching though, is really about us finding the answers within ourselves - all the rest is just a meas of opening up the mind and spirit to what we already know. 


Business Coaching

Whether you're running a business, a charity or managing a team, it can be a lonely experience. You might be decision maker, motivator, problems-solver, developer, vision-maker..... and it's often the case that you feel it's inappropriate to share your thoughts or concerns with the team. In fact it could be the team that is generating the issues. 

Coaching helps you to see your issues in a different light by stepping out of your habitual way of thinking. As well as addressing specific work issues, the process allows you to take time to reflect and take a look at the bigger picture. And to bring those dreams, which once seemed so impossible, into reality. 


If you're considering using coaching as a way of developing your employees, some important questions to ask:

  • If people take on a coaching approach when working with their teams, what effect will it have on the business?
  • Is the present culture one which will support and nurture a coaching approach, or are there other changes that need to take place beforehand?
  • What issues are individuals likely to have and is this the most appropriate process for them?
  • Who is likely to want to take responsibility fo rtheir own development and benefit from this type of learning? 
  • Am I comfortable allowing my employees to work on issues of their chosing and for the content and outcome of these sessions to be confidential? 


Different styles of coaching

Although coaching has been around in the sports world for decades, the emerging professions of Business, Executive, Life and Heath Coaching use a different process. The traditional sports coach is an expert in their field and know their game inside out. As a sports coachee, you have the expectation that your coach knows what's best for you. The role of this coach is to lay down the boundaries and tell the player / athlete exactly what to do. 

Coaches working in professional and personal development may operate anywhere along a continuum from Sports Coach at one end, to the 'Empowering Coach' at the other end. The Empowering Coach will pay greatest attention to the quality of rapport they are able to generate, the one insightful question that unlocks a firmly held belief, or  the metaphor they've created to allow their clients unconscious to make a change easy... right now. 

To illustrate the difference, think for a moment, how you respond to people telling you what to do. On the whole, irrespective of our age or experience, we like to think we can decide for ourselves. So you can imagine that working with issues of personal performance not only requires the ability to listen with wisdom, but a great desire to let your client grow through supporting their passions and enabling them to discover their own power and authentic.

Choosing a Coach

There are different approaches and methods of coaching and several bodies providing certification. At present, anyone is able to call themselves a coach, irrespective of the amount or quality of the training they've received or their aptitude! If you're interested in being coached, its worth checking out:

  • the Coaches background before they did this, who they trained with and to what level
  • how you relate to them - whether there is a 'fit' or chemistry between you and what your intuition tells you 
  • their style of Coaching - how much do you want to do you want to be challenged and held accountable for your development?
  • whether you want an input of knowledge from an expert in a particular field (find a Mentor), someone to sort out your life (find a Therapist) or someone who will help you on your own journey in the way best suited to you.