Ali Bramall

I trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming when it was in its infancy in this country, becoming a  Master Practitioner and then going onto become an NLP Coach. 

One of the off-shoots of NLP  is the Language and Behaviour Profile, a tool that has applications in coaching, recruiting, selling and managing.  I became a Trainer in 2008 and find it invaluable in whatever form of development work I'm doing.


Thirty five years ago I went as a student on the first co-ed Outward Bound course at Eskdale. This led to my working as an instructor at Outward Bound and getting a good grounding in using the outdoors as a medium for leadership and team development.  Moving to Brathay Hall, I expanded this knowledge base, while working with clients from national and international organisations.

Since setting up Integration 20 years ago, I've worked with a wide range of clients: Universities, Public Sector organisations, Charities and many small and medium sized businesses. On the journey I picked up the N.V.Q. Assessors and Internal Verifiers Awards and did a huge amount of Action Learning facilitation.


Over the last 3 years I've been training in Energetic NLP - the synthesis of NLP and transformational energy work - which is a wonderful way of making ourselves healthy and resolving physical and emotional stress. 


I'm passionate about enabling people to achieve more than they thought possible through providing a process that is both supportive and challenging and dissolving the thoughts and practices that limit their achievement. 


My own challenges tend to be mountain-based, either running, skiing or mountaineering. Apart from the outdoor stuff,  there is a common theme of  creating. I love designing  new programmes and workshops to meet a specific need as well as  renovating houses to create colourful and inviting environments and making good food. A current project is a new business, Madmountains,which I've set up to create a running and mountain biking weekend in Sedbergh. This will bring revenue to the area, encourage people to exercise for health,  raise money for charity,  and bring the first skyrace to the UK. 

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